Martial Arts Photographs

This gallery contains a collection of very rare and some one of a kind historical JKD photographs and early Bruce Lee and James Lee memorabilia. Please enjoy them.

James Y Lee with the Macias family in Oakland California

This photo was taken in the mid-early 60's. (clockwise starting from back left) James Lee , Felix Macias Sr., Larry Macias, and Felix Macias Jr. 

James y. Lee teaching Chi Sao in the East Bay

This is a signed photo of James Lee relating chi sao with a friend.

autographed photograph of Bruce Lee (June Fan)

This is an autographed photograph of Bruce Lee.

Felix Macias Jr. and Felix Macias Sr. in the East Bay (Hayward).
Left: Felix Macias JR. Right: Felix Macias Sr.
Felix Macias Sr. and Robert Fong in the East Bay (Hayward, Oakland)

A Good friend Mr. Robert Fong with Felix Macias Sr.




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